Spicy Thai Noodles (asmallsnippet)

1 box linguine or angel hair pasta
1/2 c sesame oil
1 T crushed red peppercorn, or to taste
6 T honey
6 T soy sauce


1/2 c green onions, sliced
1/2 c cilantro, chopped
3/4 c peanuts, chopped
2 carrots, shredded
toasted sesame seeds

Boil noodles. Drain. Chop green onion, cilantro, and peanuts. Heat both oils and crushed red pepper over med heat in a small pan. Strain out pepper and reserve oil. To oil, whisk in honey and soy sauce. Toss mix with noodles. Refrigerate overnight or til cold. Before serving, top each with individual serving with onions, cilantro, peanuts and toasted sesame seeds. Serve cold.


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