Moosetracks Ice Cream (theblackpeppercorn)

1 c whole milk
1 c vanilla sugar
pinch of vanilla salt
2 c heavy cream
1 T vanilla extract
15 mini Reese’s cups, cut into 4 pieces each
1/2 jar of hot fudge sauce, slightly warm but NOT hot

In a stand mixer combine your whole milk, vanilla sugar, and vanilla salt. Mix well until the sugar dissolves. Now add your heavy cream and vanilla extract. Mix until fluffy. It should resemble whipping cream. Cover the bowl and place in fridge for a minimum of 1 hours, but with this particular recipe I’d recommend aging it overnight. It will give it a deeper vanilla taste. Uncover and transfer liquid to your FROZEN ice cream bowl. Place bowl on machine and turn on. Let it spin for about 10 – 15 min. Now add your cut up mini reese’s cups and let it mix for a few minutes so they incorporate well. Warm up your hot fudge sauce slightly, the key is you want it just a touch warm but no hot or it will melt your ice cream as you pour it in. There’’s two methods for adding it. If you are feeling lucky you can slowly pour it in while the ice cream maker mixes it up. Be careful not to clump and be careful not to overmix. For people new to ice cream I’’d recommend you take the bowl out of the machine and cut in the fudge sauce with a knive as you pour it. Go slow, don’’t over mix. You want the fudge sauce to make lines in the ice cream but not become one with the ice cream. Cover the ice cream bowl and stick it in your freezer until it hardens. Remove and serve with a big old Moosey smile! Note: Mine overflowed a little bit. I have the 1.5 size so you are safe if you have the 2.0. If not you could just scoop out about 1/2 c to allow room for the cups and fudge sauce. Don’t add the reese’s cups for the aging process, you’’ll end up with a mess. Don’’t add the fudge sauce during the aging process, or you’’ll end up with chocolate ice cream. If you don’’t have vanilla sugar use regular sugar. If you don’’t have vanilla salt use regular salt.


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