Starbucks Iced Cafe Mocha (kiwisoutback)

cold 2% milk
small ice cubes (smaller cubes=colder drinks, and more will fit in your cup)
2 T ground chocolate with a higher percentage of cacao, like Ghirardelli’s mocha chocolate mix, or a good hot chocolate mix
2 – 4 shots of freshly brewed, hot espresso
whipped cream (opt)

After brewing the espresso, pour the ground chocolate into the bottom of the container you will be using. Try using a large travel mug, or a tall glass. Stir the hot espresso and ground chocolate together, melting the chocolate entirely. Pour enough milk into the container to fill 2/3 full. Fill the remainder of the drink with ice. To get the drink ice cold, pour the mixture into a shaker and shake until cold. Enjoy! Note: One thing that won’t work as well is liquid chocolate like Hershey’s…the quality isn’t as good, and the quality of your Cafe Mocha will suffer as well.


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