Pork Medallions with Mushroom Marsala Sauce (bellalimento)

2 T unsalted butter
2 T olive oil
1 pork tenderloin, sliced into 1/2″ medallions
1 shallot, minced
1 c Marsala wine
1 t corn starch
1/4 c half and half
salt and pepper to taste
1/3 lb portobello mushrooms, sliced

In a large non-stick skillet melt butter and olive oil over medium heat. Add pork medallions and brown on both sides, approx 2 – 3 min per side. Remove from skillet and transfer to a warm plate. Add shallots to pan and stir to coat. Remove pan from heat and add Marsala. Return pan to heat and continue to cook until liquid has reduce by half. Scrape the bottom of the pan with a spatula or spoon while it’s cooking. Add cornstarch to half and half and whisk into sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Add mushrooms and cook until mushrooms have softened. Return pork medallions to pan and turn to coat.Good with mashed potatoes.



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